Getting the Service

This workflow covers the following steps:

  • list of Bosch IoT Rollouts endpoints
  • how to register for an account

Provisioning a Device

Rollouts regions

Bosch IoT Rollouts is currently offered as standalone services hosted on AWS in Frankfurt as well as in North Virginia. These systems are named EU-1 and US-1 respectively in this documentation. The offering in Frankfurt can be directly booked through the Bosch IoT Suite portal.

In addition Bosch IoT Rollouts is also offered as a service running on the Bosch IoT Cloud (BIC) in Stuttgart. This region is named EU-2 in this documentation.

Register for an account

Free Rollouts trial on Bosch IoT Suite portal

You can register in the portal for a free account that allows connecting up to 50 devices.

Rollouts for Bosch business units on Bosch IoT Cloud catalog

For instructions on how to create your own Bosch IoT Rollouts service instance, see the following guide.

You can use the technical cloud user of Bosch IoT Rollouts that is granted with all permissions of the tenant (“single user”) and automatically provided to you via cloud foundry:

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