Term Explanation
Action Requested operations for the targets. Usually a software update. Other supported actions are the cancellation of a running update action, or a refresh request for target attributes.
Action Status Status information of an action which can be provided by the target. This can be the start of the action lifecycle, the end, or update notifications in between.
Artifact An Artifact is a file of any types which has been uploaded to Rollouts. It may contain firmware, an application, or a link to external artifact references.
Auto Assignment Targets, which match a Target Filter, get an Distribution Set automatically assigned.
Controller Term used in DDI API for a Target.
Device Management Federation API (DMF API) AMQP based API for indirect device integration via an external device management
Direct Device Integration API (DDI API) Polling based HTTP API for integrating devices
Distribution Set (DS) A Distribution Set defines a meta package that combines a set of software modules which have to be provisioned entirely (e.g. OS X Ver X. JVM Y ver. Y, AH Z ver. Z).
Distribution Set Type A Distribution Set Type is an abstract definition for DS that defines which types of Software Modules can be added (optionally or mandatory). A DS is considered complete, if all mandatory Software Modules are present. Only complete DS can be assigned to a Target.
Gateway Device that indirectly connects other devices with Rollouts.
Gateway Security Token Security Token of a Gateway to authenticate multiple targets (which are behind that Gateway) with Rollouts.
Metadata Metadata is key-value based information which can be freely modified for describing and identifying DSs and SMs.
Rollout Software update on (a large set of) devices in a managed and defined way.
Security Token A 32 alphanumeric character security-token. Can either be a Gateway Security Token or a Target Token.
Software Module (SM) A Software Module is a logical bracket for a set of Artifacts based on a defined Software Module Type.
Software Module Type A Software Module Type is an abstract definition for a SM that defines whether it is Firmware or Software. A DS can only be assigned to one SM of type Firmware, but multiple of type Software.
Tag Tags are strings used to describe and identify Targets and DSs.
Target A target is a device one can assign software to. (a.k.a. Controller)
Target Attributes Attributes are key-value based meta data information send by a target and stored within the Rollouts server. On the serverside they can be used for identification and classification of targets based on their properties, e.g. hardware revision, serial number.
Target Filter Filter targets by a defined query. Target Filters are used for Auto Assignments or to select targets for a Rollout.
Target Token Security Token of a Target to authenticate with Rollouts.