Target state machine

A target has a current state which reflects the provisioning status of the device at this point in time. State changes are driven either by the update server by means of starting an update or by the controller on the provisioning target that gives feedback to the update server, e.g. “I am here”, “I am working on a provisioning”, “I have finished a provisioning”.

Defined target states

Icon State Description
UNKNOWN Set by default for a pre-commissioned target until first status update received from the target. Is the initial starting point for targets created by UI or management API.
IN_SYNC Assigned DistributionSet is installed (or Downloaded in case of Download Only assignments).
PENDING Installation of assigned DistributionSet is not yet confirmed.
ERROR Installation of assigned DistributionSet has failed.
REGISTERED Target registered at the update server but no DistributionSet assigned. Is the initial starting point for plug-and-play devices.

Target state transitions

Target status transitions