Bosch IoT Rollouts

User management view

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User administration for Bosch Accounts which are using Bosch IoT Rollouts as a standalone service.

If you are using Bosch IoT Rollouts as part of your Bosch IoT Device Management subscription, the user management process is fulfilled differently, as described in:

For that reason, the Users entry on the Rollouts UI is not present for users of Bosch IoT Device Management.

Features explained

  • Add and remove Bosch Accounts for using Bosch IoT Rollouts and assign the desired permissions. See Authentication and authorization for further information about available permissions.

  • It is possible to assign multiple permissions to a user.

  • System managed “root” users are shown but read-only.

Do not forget to save your changes when leaving the edit mode.

Tips and hints

Use the revert button to leave the edit mode and revert your changes.


You need the following permissions to see the User Management view in…

  • full access mode: USER_MANAGEMENT