Bosch IoT Rollouts

Use cases

Bosch IoT Rollouts offers software updates for IoT use case – from single devices to large-scale campaigns.

Software updates for devices in the Internet of Things

Bosch IoT Rollouts focuses on orchestrating and executing software updates for IoT devices. From a back-end perspective, these processes are more or less domain independent. Hence, Bosch IoT Rollouts can be used in various domains and use cases. Regardless whether customers like to use Bosch IoT Rollouts stand-alone via the user interface, or integrate it into their solution using the Management API, they can take full advantage of its rich feature set. This enables our customers to

  • Manage devices within the device inventory

  • Manage software artifacts within the software inventory

  • Filter devices using the sophisticated Bosch IoT Rollouts related query language

  • Perform single software updates or manage large-scale software update scenarios with the extensive Bosch IoT Rollouts campaign management in combination with the highly scalable artifact content delivery features

  • Make use of state of the art security features, e.g. certificate-based device authentication

  • Monitor the progress of software update processes

Software updates via device management solutions

In scenarios where additional device management capabilities are required (e.g. automotive, industry, energy…), Bosch IoT Rollouts offers the Device Management Federation API. This API allows an integration with device management solutions (e.g. Bosch IoT Remote Manager).

Hence, customers can make use of the Bosch IoT Rollouts feature set in conjunction with complex device management protocols, such as OMA-DM, TR-069, or proprietary protocols.

The management API, which abstracts all software update related processes, is fully compatible with the API of the open source project Eclipse hawkBit™. This prevents customers form a potential vendor lock-in – another advantage of this approach.