Bosch IoT Rollouts

Statistics view

Table of contents:


Statistical overview of the target status and repository content.

Features explained

Shows the following statistics:

  • Target Status: target update status of all targets in the repository.

  • Target Active: when the targets have been polling the server for the last time.

  • Distribution Set usage assigned: Top5 DS assignment to targets.

  • Distribution Set usage installed: Top5 DS currently installed on targets.

Tips and hints

  • All statistics widgets can be maximized (button in upper right corner) and provide additional information in this view.

  • Mouse over tool tips are available for the chart elements.


You need the following permissions to see the Statistics view in…

  • read-only access mode: READ_TARGET, READ_REPOSITORY

  • full access mode: READ_TARGET, READ_REPOSITORY

The cloud user has full access by default for all available service plans.


See Authentication and authorization for further information about available roles and their included permissions.