Bosch IoT Rollouts

SOUP Authentication

The System Software Update extension is currently under development. The provided documentation aims to give insights into the general concepts of the future offering. However, details including APIs may be subject to change.

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The System Software Update service uses Bosch.IdM for user authentication. After a successful login, an access token is generated. This token contains all Bosch.IdM roles of this particular user in the scopes. It is then used for requests against the System Software Update service and serves as the basis for request authorization.

Suite Auth OAuth2 clients

An OAuth2 client follows the standard protocol and can be used to obtain a Suite Auth access token for authentication of your application when using System Software Update API endpoints.

The OAuth2 clients UI feature, part of the common Bosch IoT Suite UI allows to create, list, filter, view, and manage OAuth2 clients, use them to create access tokens, as well as to act as an application.

OAuth2 clients do not provide any user context information. They can only be limited via the scopes selected for them at creation point in time. Currently, the System Software Update Service supports only two scopes, one for accessing the installer API and one for accessing the management API.

Learn how to set up a new Suite Auth OAuth2 client at Set up Suite Auth OAuth2 client.