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SOUP API Reference

The System Software Update extension is currently under development. The provided documentation aims to give insights into the general concepts of the future offering. However, details including APIs may be subject to change.

Table of contents:

You can access the System Software Update API Swagger docs at

SOUP API Overview

The System Software Updates API is a RESTful API that enables to perform Create/Read/Delete operations for SOUP-related resources such as tags, systems, or recipes etc.

The APIs supports JSON payload with Hypermedia. You can traverse across resources via cursor based pagination. Furthermore the Management API provides role based access control based on standard roles.

The System Software Updates API is split into two sections, depending on the use case.

Management API

The Management API is an user-facing API for managing and listing content. It allows you to:

  • READ and CREATE tags

  • READ systems

  • READ, CREATE and DELETE recipes

  • READ, CREATE and DELETE recipe signatures

  • Trigger recipe validation

  • Traverse through recipe lifecycle

Install API

The Install API a device facing API exposing recipes and software to be installed on systems. It allows the device to:

  • READ recipes

  • CREATE system reports

  • CREATE update reports

  • READ software artifacts

  • READ tags