Bosch IoT Rollouts

Rollout management

Software update operations in large scale IoT scenarios with hundreds of thousands of devices require special handling.

That includes:

  • Technical scalability by means of horizontal scale of the Bosch IoT Rollouts server cluster in the cloud.

  • Global artifact content delivery capacities.

  • Functional scalability by means of:

    • secure handling of large volumes of devices at rollout creation time.

    • monitoring of the rollout progress.

    • emergency rollout shutdown in case of problems on too many devices.

  • Reporting capabilities for a complete understanding of the rollout progress at each point in time.

Bosch IoT Rollouts sees these capabilities under the term Rollout Management:

  • Create, update and start of rollouts.

    • Selection of targets as input for the rollout based on target filter functionality.

    • Selection of a distribution set.

    • Auto-splitting of the input target list into a defined number deployment groups (automatic group definition).

    • Optional definition of custom deployment groups with individual conditions (semi-automatic group definition).

  • Cascading start of the deployment groups based on installation status of the previous group.

  • Manual triggering of the next group based on the needs of the use case.

  • Emergency shutdown of the rollout in case a group exceeds the defined error threshold.

  • Rollout progress monitoring for the entire rollout and the individual groups.

For further technical information see Rollout state machines.

Cascading deployment group execution

The cascading execution of the deployment groups is based on two thresholds that can be defined by the rollout creator.

  • Success condition by means of percentage of successfully installed targets in the current group’s trigger.
    Option to overrule it with a manual trigger.

  • Error condition by means of absolute or percentage of failed installations which triggers an emergency shutdown of the entire rollout.

Schematic view