Bosch IoT Rollouts

Role management view

This view is only accessible if an own identity provider or Bosch Global ID was configured within the tenant. To use the default permission management for users, see User management view.

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If a tenant has configured its own identity provider, the User Management view will be replaced by the Role Management view. The Role management allows to administrate the roles and assign the permissions of IoT Rollouts to roles that are defined in the external identity provider.

Features explained

  • Add and remove roles for using Bosch IoT Rollouts and assign the desired permissions. See Authentication and authorization for further information about available permissions.

  • It is possible to assign multiple permissions to a role.

Do not forget to save your changes when leaving the edit mode.

Tips and hints

Use the revert button to leave the edit mode and revert your changes.


You need the following permissions to see the Role Management view in…

  • full access mode: ROLE_MANAGEMENT