Bosch IoT Rollouts

Manage a software module

View software module details

Once you have created a software module you can view its details by selecting it.


This will open the Software module view.

In addition to the default information displayed in the columns of the list, the detailed view shows other useful data such as: vendor, description, created at and last modified at timestamp, the user who created or modified the software module last, encryption status and a list of all assigned metadata key-value pairs.

For more information on the Artifacts blade visit Manage artifacts.

Add metadata

To add metadata to the software module, navigate to the bottom of the Software module details view and expand the Metadata area.

Click the + icon below to open a dialog where you can enter a key-value pair and select whether it should be visible to all devices.


After created. the key-value pair will be shown as part of the Metadata list:


You can edit the value of delete the whole pair by using the corresponding icons on the right.

Edit and delete a software module

The software modules actions images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2866387274/wrench-version-1-modificationdate-1681290237000-api-v2.png icon opens a dialog which provides the following management actions:

  • Edit

  • Delete


You are only allowed to edit optional fields of the software module.


If you choose to delete a software module, you will be asked for confirmation.