Bosch IoT Rollouts

List and monitor rollouts

The Rollouts UI feature, which you can access from the left navigation, displays automatically a list of all rollouts created in the context of your tenant.


To find the relevant rollouts more easily, you can filter the list according to various criteria through the images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2923981388/filter%281%29-version-1-modificationdate-1696344152000-api-v2.png filter icon on top of the list.

As shown on the screenshot below, the filtering criteria can be:

  • rollout name,

  • rollout description,

  • rollout status,

  • distribution set name,

  • distribution set version,

  • distribution set type.

If multiple filter values are selected, they are evaluated with an AND semantic.


When the filter is applied, the list of software rollouts is updated accordingly and this is indicated by a blue chip on top of the list for each of the applied filter criteria.


To remove the applied filter(s), just close the blue chips through the x icon of each chip.

Columns displayed by default

By default, the list view provides the following details of each rollout:

  • Name - the unique name of the rollout specified at rollout creation time

  • Distribution set - the distribution set that will be distributed to the targets within this rollout campaign

  • Targets - the number of targets involved in the rollout

  • Last modified at - the date and time when the rollout was last modified, i.e. manually paused, resumed, or canceled

  • Status - an icon indicating the status of the rollout, e.g. creating, ready, starting, paused, running, finished, etc.
    Check the tooltip of each icon to see the corresponding status name. For complete information, see Rollout state machines.

  • Progress - a progress bar indicating the percentage of targets for which the rollout is completed, along with the number of errors during the update process

  • Actions - a quick link to a list of all actions requested on the targets by the respective rollout

    The View actions quick link in the Actions column opens the Actions UI feature, where the list of actions is filtered by Rollout ID. The filter name is indicated by a blue chip on top of the list.


Configure list columns

You can configure the columns displayed on the list via the menu which opens when you click the Configure columns images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2923981388/settings-version-1-modificationdate-1680875489000-api-v2.png icon in the top right.


Refresh and auto-refresh the list

Besides the manual Refresh images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2923981388/refresh-version-1-modificationdate-1683128664000-api-v2.png of the information displayed on the rollout list, you can enable an automatic periodical refresh when you click the Enable auto-refreshimages/confluence/download/thumbnails/2923981388/play-version-1-modificationdate-1680875489000-api-v2.png icon. To stop the automatic update, click the Disable auto-refreshimages/confluence/download/thumbnails/2923981388/pause-version-1-modificationdate-1680875489000-api-v2.png icon.

View rollout details

Clicking a rollout on the list will open its detailed view, which consists of the Rollout and Status views.



The rollout view provides the following detailed information about the specific rollout:

  • Name - the unique name of the rollout specified at rollout creation time

  • Description - this field is present in case a description has been provided at rollout creation time

  • Created at - the date and time when the rollout was created

  • Created by - identification of the user who created the rollout

  • Last modified at - the date and time when the rollout was last modified, i.e. manually paused, resumed, or canceled

  • Last modified by - a specific user or the system

  • Total targets - the total number of targets matching the applied filter, i.e. involved in the rollout

  • Target filter query - the query applied to filter the targets involved in the rollout; includes a copy button

  • Distribution set - the name of the distribution set that is distributed to the targets within this rollout campaign; includes a quick link to the distribution set details

  • Update type - the name and icon of the action type defined for this rollout upon its creation

  • Start option - the defined start option


Rollout status

The status view provides information about the current status of the rollout with general and fine-grained statistics regarding the targets' progress with the update.

In particular, you can check the number of targets for which the update is finished, finished with error, canceled, running, and scheduled.

There is also a View actions quick link which leads to the Actions UI feature where the list of actions is filtered by the particular Rollout ID.

Rollout groups

Under the overall rollout status, there are details about the status of each rollout group, with its individual progress bar, number of targets, etc.

The View actions quick link in its Actions column leads to a list of actions filtered by Rollout group ID.

You can manage the rollout groups list view in the same way as described above at Configure list columns and Refresh and auto-refresh the list.