Bosch IoT Rollouts

Create a software module

To create a new software module, open Software modules from the main navigation on the left, and then stay with the images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2782150058/table%281%29-version-1-modificationdate-1695225822000-api-v2.png List sub-navigation option which opens by default.

Then go to the top right area and click the + icon.


Upon that, a dialog will open, where you need to enter the details of your new software module:


  1. Fill in the following fields:

    • Type - a mandatory field, where you should select one of the existing software module types from the drop-down

      The Application and OS types are available by default. If needed, custom types can be created via the Rollouts Classic UI.

    • Name - a mandatory field, where you define a name for the software module

    • Version - a mandatory field, where you specify the version of the software module

    • Vendor - an optional field, where you specify the vendor of the software module

    • Description - an optional field, where you provide a description of the software module

  2. If needed, use the toggle button on the bottom of the dialog to Enable artifact encryption.

  3. Click Add.

The newly created software module will appear on the list and its details will be displayed automatically.