Bosch IoT Rollouts

Cannot access the Rollouts-related UI features of the Suite UI

If you receive an error when trying to access the Rollouts UI features in the Suite UI (as depicted below), it is probably because you do not have the necessary permissions.


This problem may occur even though you have an active subscription and an account in Bosch IoT Rollouts.

Currently, the complete user management functionality of Bosch IoT Rollouts is accessible only through the Classic UI. Therefore, you need to add the appropriate user permissions by following these steps:

Create an account (optional)

Each user of the Suite UI needs to have an account with Bosch IoT Suite.

Therefore, if you or your team members do not have an account with Bosch IoT Suite yet, create one as described at Create an account.

Remember which email address you used, as it will be needed later on.

Add users to your organization (optional)

Each new user of an already created Bosch IoT Rollouts subscription needs to be a member of the organization which holds the particular subscription.

The organization owner should invite and authorize other users to the organization, which would allow them to operate within the respective Rollouts subscription.

This is done through the Organization UI feature of the Suite UI as described at Manage members of an organization.

Update user permissions in the Classic Management UI

After that, the user who created the subscription or somebody with user edit rights must add the new user (using the correct email) with the appropriate permissions in the Classic Management UI, as follows:

  1. Click Users from the left navigation of the Classic Management UI.

  2. Once in the User Management view click the + icon at the top right.

  3. Type in the same user email address used for the Bosch IoT Suite account in the Create additional user dialog that opens up.

    Copy the email address from the user login details on the top right of the Suite UI:


  4. Click Save.

  5. Add the appropriate permissions by ticking each necessary checkbox.

  6. Don't forget to Save via the button on the top right.


Choose the active Bosch IoT Rollouts subscription

After the user has been added to both the organization and the Rollouts service user management, it is time to log in to the Suite UI at and try the Rollouts features again.

The newly added user may need to choose the active subscription as described below:

To open other subscriptions belonging to the organization you are operating in, simply click Switch subscription in the Service subscription dialog and select another one from the list that will open.


If you want to switch to a subscription of another organization of which you are a member, you should switch the organization first and then repeat the steps for switching the subscription.

To switch the organization, click the Organization icon in the header bar and then click Switch organization.