Bosch IoT Rollouts

Audit - HTTP API

The Audit API allows you to retrieve audit log entries based on different criteria.

Find more information on what access rights are needed to view the Audit log at S&E Access Control Lists.

Get audit log entries

You have four GET endpoints at your disposal.

  1. Depending on whether you want to retrieve one, all or a filtered scope of audit log entries open one of the following endpoints:

    • GET /api/v1/acl/auditlog- to get all audit log entries.

    • GET /api/v1/auditlog/deviceconfigs/{configId} - to get all audit log entries for a specific device configuration.

    • GET /api/v1/auditlog/resources/{type} - to get all audit log entries for a specific resource type.

    • GET /api/v1/auditlog/{id} - to get a specific audit log entry based on its id.

  2. Click Try it out.

  3. Depending on the specific GET request:

    • Fill in the configId

    • Select the type of resource

    • Fill in the id of the audit log entry

      The next two input fields will not be visible if you request a single audit log entry.

  4. Тype in the size of the returned list.

  5. Type in where the cursor should be at.

  6. Fill in the tenant header in the X-SE-TENANT field.

  7. Click Execute.

  8. A successful response with 200 code will return the requested audit log(s).