Bosch IoT Rollouts

2021-09-23 - Bosch IoT Rollouts 1.16.19

The new release of Bosch IoT Rollouts – also part of Bosch IoT Device Management – comes with the following improvements:



[MECS-15072] - Define and implement data entities to store user role scopes
[MECS-14267] - Improve TLS Configuration
[MECS-14684] - Renew DDI certificates for Bosch IoT Rollouts us1
[MECS-14868] - Introduce TargetType entity to classify Targets
[MECS-15059] - Add "colour" property to response body of Distribution Set Type and Software Module Type
[MECS-15410] - Update links to public documentation in UI
[MECS-15219] - DMP: Indicate incorrect configuration of the search index by displayed error message