About this Documentation

Thank you for using our Bosch IoT Remote Manager (Remote Manager) software. To further help you achieve the best results please follow the instructions on this page and all its suggested further readings.

Last Updated: March 8th 2017.

Documentation Conventions

  1. All file and directory paths are related to the folder in which mPower Remote Manager is installed. For example, if you install mPower Remote Manager in a directory c:/Remote Manager, the archive of the framework will be marked as lib/server.jar that stands for the c:/Remote Manager/lib/server.jar location.
  2. mPower Remote Manager program folder stands for the folder in the Start menu that wraps the shortcuts to the applications included in the mPower Remote Manager product.
  3. The special tokens that are used in the mPower Remote Manager documentation are as follows:
    Special Element Example
    File and directory paths /bin/vms/jdk
    Files and file extensions boot.ini
    Java classes, packages, system properties, command lines com.prosyst.mbs.services.crypt.Cipher
    Bundle states Active
    Buttons OK
    Menu commands Server -> Shut Down
  4. Special symbols for user-entered data:
    • <> - delimiter indicating a component name, such as host name, database name or bundleID, that is obligatory to assign.
    • [] - delimiter for optional data.