Bosch IoT Manager

View device information

To follow this page, your entry point is Bosch IoT Manager Console (Dashboard) > Device Management perspective.

Device/Gateway info

When you select a device from the list, there will be a bottom right view called Device Info or Gateway Info depending on the device type.

Here is a brief explanation of each field that you will see in the Device/Gateway Info view:

  • Display Name - The name you choose to be displayed for this device. It may differ from the Device ID which you provided during device registration.
    You can only set it through the Developer Console (Things Section>Attributes>Info Attribute). This field will not be available on all devices.

  • Device ID - The unique ID of the specific device including the namespace of the current subscription.

  • Is Gateway - This value is either true or false and is set automatically based on the provisioning information.

  • Policy ID - The ID of the policy. If not specified explicitly it will coincide with the Device ID.

  • Path - Shows the directory where the device is located, if you place it in a particular directory group.

  • Tags - All tags attached to the particular device.

  • Created - Shows when the device was registered in the system.

  • Modified - Timestamp of when the device was last modified.

  • Revision - Shows how many times the device has been updated.

  • Attach/Move Device button - Lets you attach a device to a specific directory or move it from one directory to another. Select the desired target directory and click OK.

  • Tag Device button - Lets you attach a tag to a device. Enter the name of an already existing tag. If it doesn't exist yet - create it first and then attach it to the device.



The second part of the Device/Gateway Info view is the Attributes section. It presents all attributes assigned to the particular device during the device provisioning stage or later on.

You can add a new attribute to the selected device following these steps:

  1. Click the Add Property button -

  2. On the dialogue that appears, choose the relevant format from the combobox:
    (i) a key-value pair in plain text, or
    (ii) a JSON which should contain a path field and a value field.

  3. Depending on the chosen format, write the new property and its value in the corresponding fields.

  4. Click the Save - images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2101499402/dm_di_save.png (if not saved you will receive a Save resource reminder).

  5. If you need to edit a property, use the Edit Property icon - images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2101499402/Edit-Attributes.png and also save your changes. This icon is active only in Tree Mode, whereas in table view you can directly type in the relevant field.
    You can switch between Tree Mode and Table Mode with the images/confluence/download/thumbnails/2101499402/Tree-Mode.png icon.


Attributes displayed with a grey background in Table Mode are reserved and are not editable.