Subscribe an Instance

The Bosch IoT Manager service is available through the Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management package.

To subscribe an instance of the Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management package, use the Bosch IoT Suite portal as an entry point. Once there:


  1. Click images/confluence/download/thumbnails/1100677385/my-account.png 'My Account' (My Bosch ID) and 'Sign in' with your Bosch ID

    1. In case you do not have an account yet, register a new one ('Sign up for an account').

    2. After logging in you will be re-directed to the Suite.

  2. Click images/confluence/download/thumbnails/1100677385/suite-list-subscription-icon.png 'My Subscriptions'

    1. Click 'New Subscription'

    2. Select Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management

    3. Set your 'Instance Name' (this must be unique)

    4. Click 'Subscribe' and confirm on the cost summary page by clicking 'Subscribe' again. By default, your service plan is free.

    5. The 'Status' will be 'Provisioning' while the service subscription is being created.

    6. In case the 'Status' is still not Active after some seconds, click the 'Refresh' button.

    7. Once the 'Status' becomes Active , click 'Go to Dashboard', which will open the 'Dashboard' of the Bosch IoT Manager Console.


    In the 'Dashboard' you will see the three main perspectives of Bosch IoT Manager, namely 'Device Management', 'Tasks Management' and 'Rule Engine', as well as links to the 'Dashboards' of Bosch IoT Rollouts and Bosch IoT Things (see screenshot below).

Register a Namespace

Your package instance has been configured automatically, however, you have to set a namespace following these steps:

  1. Click 'Things Dashboard' to open the Bosch IoT Things UI.

  2. Navigate to 'Namespace'.

  3. Click 'Create new namespace' and follow the 4 steps of the wizard. Each step is further clarified below:


    1. Enter a namespace in the field. The namespace can be anything, as long as it conforms to the reverse domain name notation, e.g., as in our case. However, it needs to be unique, i.e. you cannot register the exact same namespace for multiple instances. Click 'Continue'.

    2. To enable the Device Management package to work properly, select 'Complete' on the Index step.

    3. The review step shows your settings.

    4. Confirm with 'Create'.


You are now ready to register your first device.