Bosch IoT Manager

Monitoring of mass management executions

This section explains the monitoring of the mass device management process from different perspectives and on different levels of granularity, namely rule, task, device, and partial execution of the management action script.

The examples and explanations here presume that you are working with device scope, which is the default and widely used scenario. For the differences between device scope and system scope, read here.

Executions overview

In the context of mass device management, an execution is considered to be the single run of an action script on a target device in the scope of a mass management task or rule.

As an example:

  • if a task's scope involves 100 devices, this task will produce 100 executions of the action script, i.e. one execution per device

  • if a rule's scope involves 100 devices, it will produce 100 executions of the action script every time it is triggered, i.e. every time it launches a task.
    For example, if such a rule is triggered three times and launches three tasks, it will produce 300 executions of the action script.

    However, in some special cases, the scope of a task launched by a rule is reduced and does not involve all devices from the rule scope. For example, this would happen when the rule trigger is a device online event. Thus, every time a device comes online, the rule will launch a task whose scope is this device only and will therefore produce one execution. Another example is when the rule has an activated once-per-device execution option. Find out more in Rules.

Consider the following diagram which presents the rule/task relationship and will help you navigate through the monitoring process.

It is important to remember that the execution of the action script always happens per device in the context of a task, regardless of whether the task is launched by a rule or by the operator as a standalone task.


For details on the structure and functioning of tasks and rules, please read here.

Entities in the mass management process

In the mass management process, there is a one-to-many relationship between rules, tasks, devices, and partial executions. In particular:

  • one rule can launch many tasks

  • one task can involve many devices

  • one device can have several partial executions

This is illustrated on following diagram.


Task monitoring

To learn about monitoring tasks and devices in the context of tasks, as well as partial executions, please read here.

Rule monitoring

To learn about monitoring rules and devices in the context of rules, please read here.

Flat execution monitoring

If you are interested in monitoring executions in bulk, originating from various rules and tasks, please read here.