Bosch IoT Manager

Explore device execution status

To follow this page, your entry point is Bosch IoT Manager Console (Dashboard) > Device Management perspective > Features and Task Executions Info > Task Executions.

Within the Features and Task Executions info view, you can expand the Task Executions section to find quickly all mass management tasks in which the particular device has been involved. All such tasks will be listed as you see on the screenshot below and you can expand each of them for further execution details such as start and finish times, etc.

Double click on a partial execution result (the innermost level) to open a Task Details view below with further information such as action script, origin, etc.


The current Task Details view will only change when you click on another partial execution. Therefore, make sure that you don't just click on another task from the list but rather expand it and click on its relevant partial execution.

Further details are available at Switching between Monitoring Levels.