Bosch IoT Manager

Configure access to a private Vorto repository

You can also configure your Bosch IoT Device Management subscription to search for custom Vorto model definitions in a private GitHub repository, in addition to the models available in the public Vorto GitHub repository.

To grant access to your private Vorto models, please follow these steps:

Update your subscription

  1. Navigate to the Service Subscriptions page

  2. Click Show details for your relevant subscription

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Update Subscription page to the Vorto Models section

  4. Enter a GitHub Repository Path in the format /{username}/{repository}/contents/{path}, for example /test-user/my-private-repository/contents/models.
    The private Vorto repository should follow the same directory structure as that of the public Vorto repository.

  5. Enter a GitHub personal access token (PAT), which allows read access to this repository

  6. Click Validate Access

  7. Click Update


Configure your OAuth2 client

To access a private Vorto repository you also need to add an Organization scope role to your OAuth2 client.

Learn how to create a new OAuth2 client at Set up OAuth2 client for third-party applications.

In order to get the appropriate access credentials for this use case, go to the organization scope possibilities and select any role (Owner, Manager or Developer) from the organization scope possibilities, except Auditor as it provides only read permissions.


Check how to obtain a PAT in GitHub Docs. Please, note that a PAT grants access to all private repositories of a GitHub user. To restrict the access to a single repository please consider using a PAT of a machine user.