Bosch IoT Manager

2022-03-14 - New sorting and filtering capabilities when listing mass management operations and other improvements

The new release of Bosch IoT Manager, part of Bosch IoT Device Management, comes with the following improvements:

  • Added Sorted listing of Tasks, Rules and Executions

The Java and REST APIs of Bosch IoT Manager now offer sorting options when listing Tasks, Rules and Executions. You can now get a list of all mass management tasks, rules and executions sorted by criteria of interest. This improves the user-experience and reduces time when searching for a specific entry.
The possible parameter values for the three methods are:

- Rules listing can be sorted by: ruleId, name, state, timeCreated*, lastModified* and lastTriggered*.

- Tasks listing can be sorted by: taskId, name, taskAction, ruleId, deviceId, execState, launchTime* and finishTime*.

- Executions can be sorted by taskId, taskName, taskAction, state, launchTime* and finishTime*.

Try the sorting options via the Swagger UI of our Bosch IoT Manager REST API:

- GET​/mme​/rules

- GET​/mme​/tasks

- GET​/mme​/tasks​/executions

All fields marked with * are newly created for sorting purposes e.g. until now rules did not have timeCreated, lastModified and lastTriggered fields.

  • Extended filtering options while listing mass management operations

In addition to the sorting capabilities, the currently available filtering options have been extended with more attributes based on which you can filter.

- Rules can now be further filtered by action, overlapOption, concurrencyLimit, concurrencyTimout, oncePerDevice, autoDisable, timeConstraint, priority and props. {some_property}.

- Tasks can now be further filtered by overlapOption, concurrencyLimit, concurrencyTimeout, oncePerDevice, autoDisable, timeConstraint, priority, props. {some_property}.

- Executions can now be further filtered by launchTime, finishTime.

Try the new filtering capabilities via the Swagger UI of our Bosch IoT Manager REST API:

- GET​/mme​/rules

- GET​/mme​/tasks

- GET​/mme​/tasks​/executions

  • Improved source info in executions reports when viewed in the Manager UI

Until now the source info of reported partial results in the Manager UI showed general information. This has been improved in two ways:

- by using a Feature Definition simplified Name, e.g. Lamp.setColor, SoftwareUpdatable.exec etc.

- by using the actual value arguments instead of value classes, e.g. Lamp.setColor(255, 255, 255).

Now, monitoring the partial executions of a task or rule via the Manager UI is more informative and user-friendly.

  • Manager UI now allows sorting by start and finish time on task execution level

When monitoring rules and tasks in the Manager UI you can now view and sort by start time and finish time on task execution level, instead of having to open the partial execution results.


  • Rule and task properties are now accessible via Manager REST API

It is now possible to define custom properties when creating a rule or task. After the properties have been set, they can be used for filtering purposes. In order to filter via properties please set an object value corresponding to the property: props.{some_property}.