Bosch IoT Manager

2021-10-28 - Vortolang models support - adding tags and metadata to BLOB uploads - and other improvements

The new release of Bosch IoT Manager, part of Bosch IoT Device Management, comes with the following new features and improvements:

  • Added support for Vortolang models

With this new functionality, Bosch IoT Manager can now directly process Vortolang models available in the Vorto GitHub repository even if they do not have a previously generated JSON representation.

  • Added support for adding metadata and tags to BLOB uploads using pre-signed URL

When performing a BLOB upload using pre-signed URL credentials, you can now assign metadata and tags to the uploaded object through their respective event options: metadata and tag (adding a key with prefix metadata. or tag. respectively).
For more information see BLOB Uploads page.

  • New representation of desired properties in Manager Console

There is now an additional icon in the Manager Console to indicate that a particular property has been set as desired. With the same toggle icon, you can switch between seeing the current state and the desired state of this property.

With the new change, it is also possible to view all properties of your selected feature which have been set as desired, and respectively add or remove them. Check the relevant documentation here.

  • Added support for filtering definitions

When adding an event trigger, you can now see a tree structure of all available events to choose from, and you can also search and filter them for convenience.

  • Possibility to select events for event triggers among all available feature definitions

It is now possible to select events for your event triggers among all available feature definitions. Previously, it was possible to select only among the definitions of the features added to your provisioned devices. With this change, you can prepare mass management rules which will apply when you have a device with the respective feature.