Bosch IoT Manager

2021-06-21 - Extended acknowledgments support - MME enhancements - and other service improvements

The new release of Bosch IoT Manager, part of Bosch IoT Device Management comes with the following new features and improvements:

  • Extended Device Inventory REST API to support acknowledgement options

The REST API of the Device Inventory is now extended to include acknowledgment options, which is a completely new feature for this API. With that, all methods of the Device Inventory Java API which support acknowledgements can now also be called through the REST API with acknowledgement values.

  • Added support for device provisioning acknowledgements

The Java and REST APIs of the Device Inventory now support acknowledgements for successful device provisioning. Devices are now provisioned only after such acknowledgement has been received. If during provisioning you do not specify a particular acknowledgement option, by default we apply search-persisted acknowledgement. This option ensures that your newly provisioned device will be visible in your search results immediately after provisioning.

  • Extended Device Inventory API to support live message event subscriptions

Our API now supports subscriptions for live message events whose direction is from thing/feature to backend. This is valid for both persistent and session events.

Follow this guide to learn how to enable live message event subscriptions.

  • Extended Device Inventory API to support UploadRequestEvents

You can now subscribe for UploadRequestEvents through our APIs. The functionality is available for both persistent and session events.

Because upload request events are in fact a specific form of live messages, you could also receive them by subscribing for live messages at large. For convenience, however, you can subscribe directly for upload request events through the dedicated methods. Thus you will not have to parse the specific correlation id, options, etc. from the message payload.

  • MME API enhancements

This release of Bosch IoT Manager brings the following enhancements in the ММЕ API:

- The cancelDeviceInRule method now returns the previous DeviceRuleStatus i.e. the last one before cancelling.

- The DeviceRuleStatus interface now contains summarized details on the device-in-rule execution. That way users do not need to list device-task-executions (in the scope of the rule) and find the latest one for the final execution status in the rule. This is accomplished by new getLastTaskExecItems() and getLastExecItem() methods.

  • Web UI now supports setting of desired properties

You can now set desired properties of device features through the Web UI of Bosch IoT Manager. Even if the device is offline at the time of setting the new property values, the changes will be applied when the device comes online, provided that it approves the respective changes. Check how to do that in Set feature properties.