Bosch IoT Manager

2020-10-27 - Bosch IoT Manager available for general use

We are happy to announce that the beta phase of Bosch IoT Manager is closed and it is henceforth in General Availability.

Our new service in the Bosch IoT Suite family addresses IT specialists such as developers and operators, who need to manage large device fleets in a scalable, concurrent and secure manner.


  • Rich in functionalities - device inventory, filtering and tagging of devices, mass device management, rule-based automation, monitoring, etc.

  • Modern and scalable cloud-native architecture

  • Multi-tenancy based on the Suite Auth service

  • Registered gateways and devices accessible by all Bosch IoT Suite services part of the package.

  • User-friendly Bosch IoT Manager Console providing the full functionality of the Bosch IoT Manager service

  • Modern-design Java and REST APIs

Bosch IoT Manager is available on Amazon Web Services as part of Bosch IoT Device Management.

You can subscribe for a free plan via the Bosch IoT Suite portal.