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Bosch IoT Manager API (1.13.0)

Bosch IoT Manager :: Libraries 
Package Description
Event service API.
Provides basic / common exceptions for Bosch IoT Manager
gRPC client for accessing Bosch IoT Manager gRPC APIs.
Provides generic Stream API that allows event consumption with back-pressure and (optional) acknowledgement.
Bosch IoT Manager :: Device Inventory 
Package Description
Provides Device Inventory APIs for device management including monitoring device states and configurations listing, filtering and grouping devices instant execution of management actions over the manageable devices in a convenient way device states changes notifications
Provides classes for dealing with different types of device state change events fired by Device Inventory
Defines Group Inventory APIs to organize devices in statically or dynamically defined custom groups.
Provides classes for dealing with different types of groups change events fired by Group Inventory
Provides Device Inventory Remote interface
Bosch IoT Manager :: Mass Management Engine 
Package Description
Provides Mass Management Engine APIs for managing devices in a mass and automated way.
Bosch IoT Manager :: Authentication Context Manager 
Package Description
Common data objects for authentication context management.
Provides interface for making gRPC requests for authentication context management.
Other Packages 
Package Description
Provides interfaces and classes to access the metadata that describes the capabilities of a specific device or feature.  
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