May 3, 2021 - service update

Updated to Eclipse Hono 1.7.0

Bosch IoT Hub now uses the recently released version 1.7.0 of Eclipse Hono.

With this update devices using the MQTT adapter can subscribe to a new error topic, to get informed about errors during the processing of telemetry, event or command response messages.

Please take into account if a terminal error occurs, the connection between the MQTT or AMQP adapter and the device will now always be closed.

The errors that are classified as terminal are listed below:

  • The adapter is disabled for the tenant that the client belongs to.
  • The authenticated device or gateway is disabled or not registered.
  • The tenant is disabled or does not exist.

More information about the error topic subscription can be found in the MQTT adapter documentation.

To receive the latest bug fixes and features, we recommend that you update your client applications to Eclipse Hono 1.7.0, as well.

Please refer to the Eclipse Hono release notes for more details about the latest update.

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