Bosch IoT Hub has some resource restrictions in place to ensure service availability and to prevent service misuse. The following tables give an overview for the service quotas and resource restrictions.

Service plan

Resource Description
Number of registered devices per tenant 25 for Free plan
100 for Starter plan
unlimited* for Standard plan
Number of messages per tenant per month 100.000 for Free plan
1.500.000 for Starter plan for Standard plan
Device connection time per tenant per month (minutes)
(relevant only for connection based protocols)
50.000 for Free plan
500.000 for Starter plan
500.000.000 for Standard plan

*Please take into account, that you can unlimitedly register the devices, the number of simultaneously connected devices is restricted. Please contact us for further information.

Protocol adapters

Resource Description
Ports used HTTP: 443
MQTT: 8883
AMQP: 5671
HTTP protocol adapter: request timeout 60 seconds
MQTT protocol adapter: connection inactivity 60 seconds
MQTT protocol adapter: number of allowed connect requests per tenant per second 50 connect requests per second


Resource Description
Message size used to calculate service plan quota 4 KB
Maximum message size for one request 64 KB

General restrictions

Resource Description
Number of free plans per account 3
Retention policy for events 60 seconds for Free plan
30 minutes for Starter plan
24 hours for Standard plan
Queue size for events 128 kB for Free plan
2 MB for Starter plan
20 MB for Standard plan
Maximal number of secrets per credential 10
Maximal number of CA certificates per tenant 5
Supported algorithms for CA public keys RSA, ECDSA
Minimal length for CA public keys RSA: 2048, ECDSA: 256
Maximal length for CA public keys RSA: 4096, ECDSA: 384
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