Motivation - why to use the Bosch IoT Hub?

Easy and secure device connectivity at scale

Device connectivity is central in the IoT. Everything starts with connecting devices to applications and services that are running in the cloud or any other backend system. Once devices are connected they start sending data they have collected via their sensors to applications and services in the backend. The business applications subsequently process the data and make use of it for realizing innovative business models.

Application developers are searching for easy and simple to use solutions for connecting their devices. This is especially true as security is a critical concern in context of IoT. Therefore application developers want to offload effort for ensuring secure device connectivity, starting with transport layer security for the communication up to per-device authentication including management of device credentials (see device identity and credentials management). The Bosch IoT Hub offers all this functionality out of the box and hereby simplifies development of IoT applications.

Connecting some hundreds or a few thousands devices to an IoT application is still a complex task but can be achieved in most scenarios with an acceptable effort - especially if you can choose the communication protocol used by the devices in case the device is under your own control. But once the number of devices in your IoT application starts to increase and you want to connect some hundred thousands or millions of devices that are sending billions of messages the real challenge starts. The Bosch IoT Hub as a cloud service optimized for high throughput and elastic scaling takes care of this and makes sure your IoT application is ready to scale out.

Device connectivity at scale

Device identity and credentials management for IoT applications

Devices or things play a key role in an IoT application - there is no Internet of Things (IoT) without the things. They have become an important entity and “First Class Citizen”. As a consequence the IoT introduces the need to manage device identities and credentials. This is something not every application wants to do on its own as managing device identities and credentials at scale (millions to billions of “things”) is challenging. The Bosch IoT Hub provides an out of the box solution for this so that your application can focus on solving business problems instead of technical prerequisites for connecting devices.

Device identity and credentials management

Manage device heterogeneity and diversity

As of today the IoT is characterized through device heterogeneity and diversity. There are dozens of competing standard bodies out there that are trying to define standard device communication protocols for the IoT. The various protocols so far defined or currently used to connect the wide range of devices imply a big challenge when building interoperable IoT applications. The Bosch IoT Hub supports the most important IoT protocols out of the box and will extend the support continuously. Also the Bosch IoT Hub provides a pluggable architecture that allows application developers to connect their own so called protocol adapters for connecting their devices via unsupported or proprietary protocols.

Device heterogeneity and diversity

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