When sending telemetry data over HTTP I get a “HTTP / 1.1 403 Forbidden” error. What is the problem?

Please make sure that the device is registered. You can check this by performing a GET request on the Device Registry API. Therefore you need to perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to Developer Guide and Device Registry
  • Log in with your device registry credentials.
  • Now you can perform a GET request in the devices section, using your {tenant-id} and {device-id}.

The same approach can be used to get the credentials (credentials section).

Why do not all of my consumers get messages?

All messages are routed to exactly one of the consumers and the Bosch IoT Hub balances the traffic across the set of consumers using the same tenant. This routing delivers messages to consumers based on how quickly they settle the deliveries. Faster consumers get more messages.

Why can’t my devices connect to the protocol adapter endpoints of the Bosch IoT Hub?

This can have various reasons. We recommend to increase the information or diagnosis level of your devices in order to get more information about what exactly goes wrong.

Very often this kind of issues are caused by failures establishing a secure connection (TLS handshake).

Please make sure:

  • The devices support TLS1.2 or above. For details see Security.
  • The devices can afford the size of the server side certificate. This can be more than 4KB due to the fact that we use full certificate chains there.
  • The devices can complete the TLS handshake within 60s.

Why can’t my consumer application connect to the messaging endpoint of the Bosch IoT Hub?

This is probably due to your network setup and the fact that you are not allowed to make outgoing connections on AMQPS port (5671).

Where can I find notes about data protection and data privacy for the Bosch IoT Hub?

Data protection and data privacy topics are described in the Privacy Leaflet.

Where can I find additional information about the Bosch IoT Hub (including Bosch internal information)?

All public available information is part of this documentation. Further, Bosch internal information can be found on Bosch IoT Hub (Bosch internal).

Do you provide a user frontend or administrative UI?

Currently, the Bosch IoT Hub does not provide a graphical user interface. However, there is an open source project called Bosch IoT Hub Developer UI. This project is intended as an example application to demonstrate the concepts and possibilities of the Bosch IoT Hub. Further information can be found directly on the project page.