The following table gives an overview of all concepts described in this section. Please refer to the respective subsection for more details.

Concept Description
Device data model The IoT introduces the need for managing the identities of devices including the management of credentials that are used for setting up secure connections between devices and the cloud. This section gives an overview over the data model used to realize this within Bosch IoT Hub.
Communication patterns In the IoT devices communicate via different patterns. The two major communication patterns are device to cloud communication for sending telemetry data to an application (with or without guaranteed delivery) and cloud to device communication for sending commands to a device.
Security Security is a critical concern in every IoT application. This includes authentication on a per-device level as well as securing the communication channel.
Gateway mode The world of IoT consists of IP-ready devices that can connect to the cloud directly and non-IP-ready devices that communicate with the cloud via gateways acting as protocol translators.
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