Bosch IoT Hub

The Bosch IoT Hub - a cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite - allows you to connect devices through various protocols to IoT applications in an easy and secure manner. Using the cloud service, IoT applications are able to retrieve telemetry data from devices either with or without guaranteed delivery (device-to-cloud communication) and send command & control messages to devices (cloud-to-device communication).

Bosch IoT Hub cloud service

The Bosch IoT Hub is offered as a fully managed cloud service optimized for high availability and cost efficiency. Customers do not need to worry about setup, configuration and operation of the service on their own. Making use of the Bosch IoT Hub application developers can focus on implementing the business logic of their IoT application instead of working on device connectivity related issues. The pricing model of the Bosch IoT Hub is based on pay-per-use, hence customers only pay for what they really need.

The Bosch IoT Hub makes extensive use and is built on top of open source components developed in the Eclipse IoT ecosystem and other communities. Eclipse Hono™ is the most important project as it builds the foundation of the Bosch IoT Hub. A more detailed overview of the important open source projects can be found on Open Source Foundation.

The fact that the Bosch IoT Hub is built on top of Open Source Software is a key benefit for customers that try to avoid a vendor lock-in in their IoT applications. They can always operate the underlying Open Source Software stack on their own instead of using the Bosch IoT Hub.

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