Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Trigger the update

Open the Bosch IoT Rollouts UI - Deployment Management view

Click the Deployment entry in the left navigation.

Trigger a deployment

The Targets column displays your Demo device name, in our example "demo-device-01"

The namespace it not displayed to save space.

In case you see multiple devices there, your subscription has multiple devices, which support the SoftwareUpdatable feature.

Developers: feel encouraged to read more about the concepts at Software update and SoftwareUpdatable feature detailed specification and integration guide.

  1. The Distributions column displays your distribution set created in the previous steps, in our example "demo-distro-2021".
    You can now create an assignment between both via drag&drop.

  2. In the pop-up dialog select Forced.

  3. Confirm with OK to initiate the software update process.


At the time of writing the Demo device only supports the Forced assignment, which will proceed immediately.

However, for devices with another firmware you have also other options, e.g. to trigger the download only, or to define a time in the future, when the update should be applied.

Watch the status in the right column

The forced assignment is the only option the Demo device supports so far. Therefore the OK has triggered already a deployment of the artifacts to the demo device.

However, Bosch IoT Rollouts offers various options for operators who might need to manage global campaigns in different time zones, or devices which only need to download, but not to install the distribution sets.

The overview on the activities is displayed in the right column.


Read more about the Bosch IoT Rollouts concepts at