Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Switch between subscriptions

The subscription I worked on lately is not visible after logging in the other day.
How to find it?

The Bosch IoT Suite UI displays the name of your current subscription in the header bar.

If no subscription is selected simply click the folder icon (Select subscription) in the top bar.

To get subscription details, click on the subscription name. There you can also find the service Instance ID, which is necessary for various requests when using our APIs.

To open other subscriptions belonging to the organization you are operating in, simply click Switch subscription in the Service subscription dialog and select another one from the list that will open.


If you want to switch to a subscription of another organization of which you are a member, you should switch the organization first and then repeat the steps for switching the subscription.

To switch the organization, click the Organization icon in the header bar and then click Switch organization.

This might turn out useful, especially for developer teams, who work with several subscriptions/organizations.