Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024


By engaging further services of the Bosch IoT Suite family - in this example Bosch IoT Insights - you can easily cover multiple scenarios, where the power of real device data streams turns out very valuable.

You have learned how to integrate your Device Management instance with Bosch IoT Insights. The integration was easy to configure as a unidirectional HTTP-managed connection, and by granting read permission for this connection in the policy of the device itself.
The strategy to notify all interested solution layers about changes reported by the device, resulted in forwarding the device data to the next layers, which could finally be recorded in Bosch IoT Insights.

In this example we have employed Bosch IoT Insights to act as a data recorder and thus to be able to automatically visualize not only the current values of your devices, but also old values to compare with.

However, Bosch IoT Insights can help you a lot more with data management, once you dig deeper into the service:

  • Data ingestion

  • Data storage

  • Data processing

  • Data visualization

  • Master data management

Find further details at the Bosch IoT Insights' documentation.