Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Search and filter tasks

To follow these steps, open Tasks from the left navigation.

To search and filter through your existing mass management tasks, you can use the Search bar or the available Filters.



Click the Filter icon next to the Search bar.

The dialog provides check boxes for quick filters, which are applied cumulatively.

All active filters are displayed next to the Filter icon, and you can remove them if no longer needed via the x icon.

Through them, you can filter your tasks depending on their:

  • State
    With these filters you can see:

    • all tasks that are still Running, and/or

    • all tasks whose execution has Finished, and/or

    • all tasks that have Failed to launch, i.e. whose execution has never started

  • Execution
    With these filters you can see:

    • all tasks which have been automatically launched by a rule - Rule task, and/or

    • all tasks which have been launched by an operator as standalone tasks - Free task

  • Rule ID
    With this filter, you can see:

    • all tasks automatically launched by a rule with a particular rule ID

      If you need a rule ID for your filter:

      Go to Rules from the left navigation > select the relevant rule from the list > in the overview area to the right find the rule ID and copy it via the icon which follows it.