Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Provisioning via UI


By registering a device with our system you can benefit from all device-to-cloud and could-to-device communication patterns.

It will be registered with a unique ID, and in your context, thus you will be the only person who is able to see and manage it.

However, in case you will later have a team of developers who need access to your instances, check section Concepts > Auth for team management via deprecated Portal UI.


Enter the Bosch IoT Suite UI and:

  1. Open the Provisioning view

  2. The first provisioning step is already selected.

  3. Thing ID will hold your namespace.

  4. The name can be set to hello-world-device-01.

  5. The device password can be any string.
    (Save it for later, as you will need it as soon you want to simulate the hello-world-device-01).

  6. Click Next to see how the request would look like.

  7. Submit with Send request.





Your device is now allowed to communicate to our system.

Save the result as a JSON file on your local machine. See number 8 on the screenshot.


your hello-world-device-01 will be able to authenticate itself with the Authentication ID whenever calling our services.