Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Pricing calculator

How can I estimate the usage costs for the service?

To estimate the costs of your potential project with Bosch IoT Device Management, you can use the online calculator available on our website.

The Standard plan of Bosch IoT Device Management has no base fee and the billing is consumption-based, which allows you to pay as you grow from the very beginning.


Watch the screencast on this topic here.

First steps

Your entry point is

  1. Expand the combobox named Select a capability.

  2. Choose the option Device Management (public cloud), as it corresponds to Bosch IoT Device Management.


The rest of the capabilities in the combobox correspond to Bosch IoT Insights, Bosch IoT Rollouts as a standalone service, and Bosch IoT Remote Manager, respectively.

Fill in your project data

  1. Go to the Configuration categories on the left side of the calculator.

  2. Expand each main category to see its corresponding fields.

  3. Hover over a field in each category to see more details about it.

    Each category field is also explained in the second part of this tutorial.


  4. Once you enter data in the left-side fields, on the right you will see:

    1. (1) a cost breakdown and

    2. (2) a cost summary.

      1. (3) At your convenience, switch the currency of the cost estimate between USD and EUR.

      2. (4) Save your calculations for your different project scenarios on PDF files by clicking the Download button.

    3. (5) For complete information and examples, check pricing and conditions.

      Each cost breakdown category is also briefly explained in the second part of this tutorial.


In the background, the calculator will apply price tiers, so when the communication behavior and the number of devices increase, we will grant discounts for high consumption.

Add further services

In case you work also with other Suite services for the same project, and want to estimate the costs together, feel free to add them.

You are now ready to use our pricing calculator.

Continue reading this page, if you need a brief explanation of each configuration and cost breakdown field, as well as an example use case.

For complete explanation, price tiers, increments, and further examples, check Pricing and Conditions.

Configuration fields

Cost breakdown fields

Example use case

To illustrate how the calculator works, we will show a simple device management use case in a smart home scenario.
There we will include:

  • the needs of the device manufacturer and developer of a smart home application, and

  • the needs of the end-user of the smart devices and the corresponding application.

The manufacturer would need to connect, update, and monitor the health of its devices - in the factory and in the field, and act in case of specific alerts.

The smart home owner would need to read sensor data, send remote commands to its connected devices, and receive alerts on specific occasions, for example smoke detection or burglary.

Therefore, our cost estimate would need to include digital twin updates, live messages, notifications, digital twin reads, and software updates.

For a start, which will be our proof of concept stage, we will estimate the costs with 100 connected devices. Then, we will estimate the costs for the production stages with 10 000 and 200 000 connected devices.

Try it out - enter the following numbers in the left-side calculator fields:

Device Information

  • Number of devices / device digital twins: 100

  • Size of a digital twin (KB per twin): 5

  • Average device connection time (percent / each month): 100

Digital twin updates with device communication

  • Twin updates with message retention (device to cloud) (per device / per month): 60

  • Twin updates triggered by application (cloud to device) (per device / per month):

  • Average size of a digital twin update (KB per update): 2

Live messages with device communication

  • Live messages with message retention (device to cloud) (per device / per month): 7200

  • Live messages triggered by application (cloud to device) (per device / per month): 250

  • Average size of a live message (KB per message): 2

Notifications per month

  • Digital twin update / live message notifications (per device / per month): 7510

  • Average size of a notification (KB per notification): 2

Digital twin reads per month

  • Digital twin reads triggered by application (cloud to device) (per device / per month): 7510

  • Average size of a twin read (KB per request): 5

Software updates

  • Number of software updates (per device / per month): 1

  • Average size of an artifact (MB per artifact): 300

  • Software update artifact storage (GB per month): 3

Contact us

Besides the online calculator on the Bosch IoT Suite website, there is a more advanced version available through our pricing experts. Contact us if you have trouble filling in the right data or you cannot find a category relevant to your project in the online calculator.