Bosch IoT Device Management

Manage your devices via Bosch IoT Suite Console


All devices, aka things, registered in your namespace should be visible in the Things view.

  • This view will display all available things in the context of your user (service subscription owner).
    It offers various management actions e.g. search, filter, sort and delete.

  • Make sure that your newly registered thing is listed there.

Click the row of a thing, to see its details.

You can enlarge or collapse nearly all views according to your needs.


The Thing view gives you access to:

  • manage Attributes

  • watch updates of Features properties coming from the physical device, or to change them in the manage features view

  • send a Message (aka live message) from or to the thing, e.g. to trigger an operation at the physical device

  • view a representation of the thing in JSON format

  • manage the Policy

  • manage the Device and its credentials (Bosch IoT Hub context)

Upon configuration, the Things view can also display whether or not a device is connected and is ready for communication.
Find details at Reflect device connectivity status in thing.