Bosch IoT Device Management

Manage your devices via Bosch IoT Manager UI


All registered devices will be also visible in the Bosch IoT Manager console. To find them:

  1. Return to the Service Subscriptions page of the Bosch IoT Suite portal and click Go to Dashboard.

  2. Select the Device Management perspective.

  3. You will see your device on the left side under Devices, as indicated on the screenshot below.


The simple device does not have any features yet, as seen in the Features and Task executions Info view.

However, we can examine its basic information, in the Device Info view, such as its Display Name (if any), device ID, policy ID, whether it is a gateway or not, created and last modified dates and the count of its revisions.

From an operator's perspective, such an empty device might represent a new device prototype where the final features set is not defined yet.

In other industrial scenarios with multiple empty devices, it might mean, that the devices have been per-commissioned (e.g. in the factory at the end of an assembly line) but they are not yet operational.
However, they can be grouped or prepared for operation in advance, and the physical device will be informed as soon at it connects to our cloud services.

Learn more about the Bosch IoT Manager UI and how to use it from our Bosch IoT Manager User Interface guides.