Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Manage via Hub HTTP API

In real scenarios, your physical device would try to send telemetry data to device connectivity layer - Bosch IoT Hub.

For this tutorial, it is sufficient to simulate such attempts of sending data by using the interactive API docs > Bosch IoT Hub - HTTP protocol adapter.


The entity hello-world-device-01 is regarded as the digital twin of your device.

However, you can now adjust it to represent the features (i.e. the functionality of your device) or enrich it with attributes, etc.

Access on the digital twin is kept in a document called "policy".

Please remember that the connection between the device connectivity layer and the digital twin layer is based on a managed connection, therefore the messages need to follow the Ditto protocol.

If you prefer to learn the digital twin models and concepts fist, see section via Things HTTP API.

Find details on such tasks in the following sections: