Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Manage rules

To follow these steps, open Rules from the left navigation.

You can manage rules individually by performing the following rule actions:

To access these functionalities, select a rule on the list of rules.

In the Rule details area to the right select the Rule actions icon (last on the header bar).


Enable/Disable a rule

Enable appears as an action on the list right after you create a rule, or when you have disabled or paused a rule.

You should enable the rule in order to allow its execution by the corresponding triggers defined for this rule.


After a rule has been enabled, the Disable action will appear on the list.

You should disable a rule if you no longer want it to be triggered, or if you want to edit it.

Fire a rule

Click Fire rule on the list of actions if you want to manually start the execution of your enabled rule.

This action is available only if you have defined a manual trigger for the selected rule.

Pause a rule

Click Pause on the list of rule actions if you want to suspend the selected rule's execution.

This action is available for enabled rules only.

When you pause a rule, its state changes to disabled.

Upon that, all running tasks launched by this rule will be paused - but not canceled - and will continue when you enable the rule again.

In the meantime, this rule will not be able to launch new tasks.

Retry a rule

Click Retry on the list of rule actions if you want to retry the rule's execution for devices with a particular execution state.

Retry is available only for enabled rules.


On the dialog that opens, select which subset of devices you want to retry based on their state:

  • Running, and/or

  • Canceled, and/or

  • Error, and/or

  • Success, and/or

  • Warning.

Confirm with Retry.


Edit a rule

You can only edit a rule which is not enabled.

On the Rule actions dialog, click Edit.

You will be prompted to confirm your choice.


Clone a rule

By clicking Clone rule on the Rule actions dialog, you can open the selected rule as a template and save it as is or modify it.

By default, the cloned rule name will start with Copy of, followed by the original rule name.


Delete a rule

To delete a single rule:

  • Select a rule from the list of rules and in the Rule details area to the right select the Rule actions icon (last on the header bar).

  • On the dialog, select Delete.

  • You will be prompted to confirm your choice.


To delete multiple rules at once:

  • Check the boxes in front of each rule you want to delete, or check the box on top of the list if you want to delete all existing rules

  • Select the Data actions icon on top of the rule list

  • On the dialog, click Delete selected


  • On the next dialog, confirm with Delete