Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

List tasks

To follow these steps, open Tasks from the left navigation.

List tasks

When you open Tasks from the left navigation, a list of your existing mass management tasks is displayed automatically with the default list settings.

In addition, you can configure your task list by adding and removing columns and icons, and resize each column.

You can always restore the default list configuration settings from the Configure columns menu explained below.

Sort tasks

You can sort your tasks in alphabetic or reverse alphabetic order for any column that is relevant to you.

Click on a column name to access a dialog with the available sorting options.

You can also sort multiple columns at once.


Configure task list

To adjust the information displayed on your list of tasks, click the Configure columns icon in the header.


In the dialog:

  • use the toggle box to enable/disable the sorting of multiple columns simultaneously

  • use the search bar to search for a specific column

  • use the reset button (next to the search bar) to restore the default list settings

  • use the check boxes to add and/or remove columns for your task list

  • use the check boxes to add and/or remove icons for the corresponding columns - State for task state and Executions for execution state

While selecting the columns, please consider that ID is the ID of the specific task.

Rule ID is the ID of the rule which launched this task in case of rule-based tasks.

Export tasks

You can export the tasks selected in the list of tasks.

Click the Data actions icon on the header and in the menu select Export CSV.


In the wizard, you can:

  • configure the character used as column separator,

  • specify whether a title row should be generated out of the column names,

  • preview the file and wrap lines.