Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Implicit device registration

Devices behind a gateway (edge devices) can be registered implicitly. For this, the gateway must be registered as a device having the authorities option set to auto-provisioning-enabled.

As soon as an edge device sends telemetry data via the gateway for the first time, Bosch IoT Hub will register it implicitly.


Simulate a new device needs to be registered implicitly

  1. Navigate to Bosch IoT Hub - HTTP adapter by clicking the Select a definition drop-down-list and selecting Bosch IoT Hub - HTTP adapter.

  2. Click the Authorize button.

  3. Enter the credentials of the gateway.

    • Username: <namespace>_<device-name>@<hub-tenant-ID>

    • Password: as set by yourself at the time of provisioning

    • Example: org.example.acp_gw-01@t515xxx_hub

  4. Select PUT /telemetry/{tenant-id}/{device-id} to publish telemetry data (Gateway Mode).

  5. Set the tenant ID, e.g. t515xxx_hub

  6. Set the device ID, e.g. device-01-via-gw-01.
    Concerning the registration process, the payload is not relevant at this step. It will be forwarded to the northbound application (e.g. Things service).

Your device has now been implicitly registered with Bosch IoT Hub.

You can implicitly register devices with all protocol adapters supported by Bosch IoT Hub. You can find examples for communication with different protocol adapters in our Protocol adapters section.

Please take into account that the protocol adapters of the Bosch IoT Hub have a caching mechanism in place for devices and their credentials. That means if you make changes in the device’s or credentials' properties, it takes some time until the protocol adapters apply the changes. Currently the cache setting is configured to 10 minutes.