Bosch IoT Device Management

Getting started with a gateway device running Bosch IoT Edge


Skip this section in case your have already decided to work with devices which will connect stand-alone, without a gateway.

Find examples in our Tutorials.

We will illustrate the steps required in this section through a gateway device running Bosch IoT Edge based on Linux.

Bosch IoT Edge, if used in combination with Bosch IoT Device management can enable a variety of end-to-end IoT use cases such as device connectivity, data management, device management and software management.

You can refer to the following guides in the Bosch IoT Edge documentation in order to get started with the main IoT use cases enabled by Bosch IoT Edge running on various platforms.

Install Bosch IoT Edge and explore your device

Bosch IoT Edge uses lightweight native components that can run on a choice of platforms from small microcontrollers to powerful edge computing nodes (ECNs).

Enable IoT protocol connectivity with Bosch IoT Edge Services

Bosch IoT Edge Agent, in combination with Bosch IoT Edge Services brings IoT protocol support, History, Automation, Device Access and more to the edge, with ability to manage from the cloud.

Alternatively, you can proceed with the next steps below.

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