Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Get a namespace

Each instance of Bosch IoT Device Management needs at least one default namespace to allocate the digital twins of your assets accordingly.

To create your first namespace, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bosch account.

  2. Enter the Bosch IoT Suite UI

  3. Click Namespaces from the main menu on the left.

  4. Click the plus icon to add a namespace.

  5. Enter a namespace name in the field.
    The namespace can be anything, as long as it conforms to the reverse domain name notation, e.g., as in our case.
    However, it needs to be unique, i.e. you cannot register the exact same namespace for multiple instances.

  6. The search index fields are set to the defaults which are most convenient for Bosch IoT Device Management to work properly.

    1. More search index fields can be added later if needed.

    2. The required fields are the minimum necessary and cannot be deactivated.

  7. Confirm with Save.

The namespace registration is necessary only once, thus you can register all your devices within the same namespace.

The free service plan allows to register only one namespace.

The namespace will be part of each deviceId. For more information visit Unique identifier - common device ID patterns.