Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Find the authorization subject IDs that are applicable in a policy

I know, there is a documentation on the subject ID pattern at Policy of a thing,
but how can I find out, what exact subject IDs are usable with my current authentication?

Do you provide a functionality like "Who am I" ?


There is a RESTful resource, which will return the authorization subject IDs, that you can use with your current authentication.

It will return JSON with the following example payload:

"defaultSubject": "iot-suite:<bosch-id>/service-instance.<id>.iot-things@iot-things",
"subjects": [

The defaultSubject will be used as default subject ID when creating a new thing or policy, but you will also have access to any resource that allows access for one of the subject IDs in the subjects list.