Bosch IoT Device Management

Explore the gateway device


The content of this text-based tutorial is also available as a video on our Bosch IO YouTube channel.

For a better understanding of the device types and components watch:


As a next step, find your newly registered device in the Developer Console or the Bosch IoT Manager Console.


For the sake of a richer type of example we have connected an Edge Services runtime to our Edge Agent. Learn how to do that via Enable Edge Services for Device Management.

Manage your things via developer console

All things registered in your namespace should now be visible in the Things view.

  • This view will display all available things in the context of your user (service subscription owner).
    It offers various management actions e.g. search, filter, sort and delete.

  • Make sure that your newly registered thing is listed there.

Click the row of a thing, to see its details.

You can enlarge or collapse nearly all views according to your needs.


Manage your device via Bosch IoT Manager Console

In addition, the Bosch IoT Manager console allows you to view more detailed information and execute instant management actions, following the steps below.

  1. Go to the Device Management perspective, open the Gateways view, where you should automatically see your registered gateway.

    If you do not see the device, type its device ID in the field called Filter by gateway id (case-sensitive) and press Enter.

  2. Expand the gateway to view its related digital twin representations, which come from the Edge Services enablement.

  3. Select the gateway to see detailed predefined information about it in the Gateway Info section to the right.

  4. If necessary, you can manage the gateway by:

    1. Attaching it to a directory group (Attach button). If the device is already part of a directory group, the button will state Move Device.

    2. Tagging it (Tag Device button)

    3. Adding, editing and removing custom attributes to it (through the icons in the Attributes section)

    4. Unregistering it (Unregister button)

All gateway features, including its bundles represented as features, will be listed in the Features area.


When you select a feature, you will see its properties in the right-bottom view of the Bosch IoT Manager Console.

You can also instantly control the feature, if it supports any actions - you will see them listed in the Actions Info section.


The screenshot above shows a the Bundle Properties view of a selected bundle available on the bundles management virtual device (edge-agent-01:edge:bundles), connected through this gateway. You may try to stop the bundle by clicking the stop command.

After the command is received and executed by the gateway a new window with the result will pop up:


If you go back to the Bundle Properties view the new bundle state (RESOLVED) will be reflected in the state field.

You are now ready to switch to the Bosch IoT Rollouts UI and initiate your first software update.

Another possible use case would be to involve the gateway in mass management actions. Go through the following topics to learn how: