Bosch IoT Device Management - will be discontinued by mid 2024

Define a default namespace

The things for your IoT scenario can be of various namespaces, therefore the digital twin layer (Bosch IoT Things) allows a service instance to handle entities of various namespaces.

A Free subscription supports only one namespace.
If you need multiple namespaces, you should book a Standard plan. A standard plan allows up to 10 namespaces. With multiple namespaces, it is up to you to define which one is the default.

Please be aware, that setting a namespace in all IDs of things and policies is mandatory. Find the detailed concept description at Unique identifier - common device ID patterns.

A default namespace can be defined on several occasions:

  • Directly after booking a service instance we recommend you to go trough Getting started to finish your initial setup. There you find a detailed description Register a namespace.

    The first namespace is automatically set as the default namespace.

  • Just before provisioning your device. Make sure you define at least one namespace, to use during your device provisioning.

  • With multiple namespaces, whenever you have the need to change the default.

Example via UI

The list of namespaces reserved for your service instance is displayed at Bosch IoT Suite Console > Namespaces.

As soon as you specify the first namespace entry, this will be marked as default.


To change the default, simply edit a new entry and mark it accordingly.


If prefer working with the plain RESTful API, find the namespace resources at apidocs > Bosch IoT Things > Solutions.